Do you accept walk-ins?
-During a global pandemic, walk-ins are not available. If you would like to start the process for a new tattoo, please use the GET TATTOOED link in the menu.
How do I schedule an appointment?
-To start the process for a new tattoo, please use the GET TATTOOED link in the menu.
How much does a tattoo cost?
-Tattoo pricing is subjective. The best way to get an estimate for your tattoo is to fill out the form found under the GET TATTOOED link in the menu.
Can you tell me a price over the phone?
-Sure. We could tell you any price. The truth is, we probably wouldn’t even get in the ballpark of what your tattoo would cost. Asking how much a tattoo costs without providing all of the correct information is like asking how much a bag of groceries cost. It really depends on what’s in the bag. There are so many variables in the tattoo process; design, placement, size, detail. All of these factors determine the price of a tattoo. The best way to get information is to start the process for a new tattoo. Use the GET TATTOOED link in the menu.
What forms of payment do you accept?
-Studio 13 accepts debit or credit for the deposit only. Your remaing balance is due in cash on the day of your tattoo.
Does a tattoo hurt?
-Yes, there is pain involved with the tattoo process. The pain is only temporary & far from unbearable. We recommend eating before coming in for your tattoo. A little bit of carbohydrates will help.
Do you have numbing cream?
-No, your tattoo will not be painful enough to warrant the use of such products.
Can I bring my own image?
-Yes, we love to see your ideas as reference. We understand not everyone is an artist, but any help you can offer us to get the ideas out of your head & on to paper would be amazing.
Can you fix my old tattoo?
-Yes. The tattoo industry has come a very long way in a short period of time. We would love to breathe life back into your tattoos.
Can you cover up an old tattoo?
-Sometimes, not all tattoos can be covered. Be sure to attach an image of your existing tattoo when you fill out the form found under the GET TATTOOED link in the menu. We can tell you whether it will be possible.
Can you fix another artist’s work?
-Yes, being Fort Wayne’s premier tattoo shop, we fix a lot of other shops work. We try our best to educate the public on the importance of a sterile environment & quality artwork. Sometimes a few people slip through the cracks & find themselves in a shop that doesn’t provide this setting. Stay calm, everything will be fine. We will discuss options for making it the tattoo you always wanted.
Will my tattoo fade?
-Maybe. We give you all the proper knowledge on how to prevent fading. If you follow our directions, it will minimize wear & tear to prevent this from happening. A proper sunblock should always be placed over a tattoo when exposed to the sun. 10-15 years after the tattoo, it may show some wear & fading, however, the skin you have without tattoos will also look differently in 10-15 years as your body ages.
Do you tattoo minors?
-Studio 13 does not tattoo any individual under the age of 18.
Is it safe to get a tattoo?
-Absolutely. Studio 13 practices Universal Precautions for Bloodborne Pathogens. Hospital grade sterilization is always used. Studio 13 is Fort Wayne’s first completely disposable tattoo shop. We have eliminated the need for an autoclave sterilization process, eliminating any chance for human error. We always think about your health & safety first.
How do I care for my tattoo?
-Please see the ‘Aftercare’ tab in the top navigation bar.

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